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Despre inteligenta

Am gasit un post foarte interesant , vorbeste despre inteligenta intr-un mod aparte.O compara cu un cutit , spune ca te poate ucide daca nu esti atent , si e cat se poate de adevarat.Un om inteligent nu se aseamana deloc cu un om destept , omul inteligent asa s-a nascut , dar ii e lene sa lucreze , pe cand omul destept a lucrat din greu si a ajuns mai departe ca cel inteligent.That’s just the way it goes.Link la post-ul original , pentru cine vrea sa aiba parte de o lectura placuta: [link]

Intelligence is like a knife. If you are intelligent, you are at a clear advantage against people who are not intelligent. But if you are intelligent, and another person is not as intelligent, but the other person is willing to train harder than you, the other person will very quickly overtake you in ability.

People who are born intelligent start off life with everything easy for them. They don’t have to work hard to get good grades, they never really have to do much to get ahead. The major challenge of early life is school – and school is designed for average people. So intelligent people just breeze through.

But there is a point where every intelligent person faces something that requires more than intelligence. It requires hard work, it requires the ability to fail, it requires being able to do tough tasks, boring tasks. For the first time in their life, in spite of their intelligence, these intelligent people are challenged, and they start failing. Like when they first attempt to create a startup.

Te consider un om inteligent sau destept?


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4 thoughts on “Despre inteligenta

  1. „Înțeleptul se descurcă și-n iad, pe când prostul suferă și-n paradis”… așa că prefer înțelepciunea în locul celor două 😉

    Posted by Florin Iepan | July 25, 2010, 08:15
  2. Foarte interesant postul chiar mi-a plăcut foarte mult. ” school is designed for average people. So intelligent people just breeze through.” Frate eşti genial, m-ai făcut să mă simt mai bine, thanks. 😀

    Posted by Riciu | July 26, 2010, 01:42

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